FBI Agents Kill Kidnapping Victim, Who Was Tied Up, In Houston

Unidentified FBI agents shot and killed a kidnapping victim, Ulises Valladares, who was tied up in Houston-area home on Jan. 25.

Valladares was kidnapped on Jan. 24 by two armed men who demanded money, according to investigators.

The men claimed that Valladares’ brother owed them $8,000, notes KPRC.  

Valladares’ brother received a phone call in Spanish that demanded $20,000 for Valladares. 

The FBI and other authorities tracked the phone to a Best Western hotel where two men, Jimmy Tony Sanchez and Nicholas Chase Cunningham, were arrested.

The two men were charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

Cunningham told the FBI that Valladares was being kept at his girlfriend’s house, according to court documents.

Investigators and the FBI went to Sophia Perez Heath’s house and found Valladares’ with his hands bound tape. That’s when FBI agents shot and killed Valladares. 

Heath reportedly told investigators that Cunningham and Sanchez brought Valladares to her home on Jan. 24, and told Heath to watch the victim.

Heath was charged with aggravated kidnapping.





The FBI said that its Shooting Incident Review Team, made up of FBI agents, would review the FBI shooting.

(Source: KPRC)

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