Farmer Says Trump’s Trade War Is Driving Farmers To Suicide

Patty Edelburg, the vice president of the National Farmers Union, told Fox News that President Donald Trump’s trade war with China is causing farmers to kill themselves:

It has been insane. We’ve had a lot of farmers — a lot more bankruptcies going on, a lot more farmer suicides.

We have more commodities, more grain sitting on the ground now because we lost huge export markets. We’ve lost export markets that we’ve had for 30 years that we’ll never get a chance to get back again.

Farmers are hopeful to get their crops in the ground this year but really hopeful we have a place to sell it come fall.

Edelburg said the Trump’s (socialist) plan to provide up to $20 billion in federal aid to farmers would help, but wouldn’t be a solution to the problem:

We don’t need band-aids. We need long-term fixes to make sure farmers are able to survive. We understand what President Trump is doing with China. We’ve been trying to fix the manipulative trade policies for years. But the way we’re going about it may not be the right fix.

(Sources: POLITICO, Fox News)

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