Far-Right Extremist Laura Loomer Handcuffs Herself To Twitter’s Door After Being Banned

Far-right activist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the front door of Twitter’s headquarters in New York City for about two hours to protest her being banned from Twitter.

Loomer livestreamed her bizarre protest on Periscope, which included her ” telling its employees that they worked for an ‘evil’ company.” notes NBC News.

Loomer said: “I am not going to stand by as people like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg [try to] silence the voices of millions of conservatives.”

She claimed, without proof, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey banned her as a “Jewish conservative journalist.”

Twitter closed Loomer’s account a week ago after she called Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar “anti Jewish” and pro-Sharia law.

New York police officers reportedly asked Loomer to uncuff herself from the building’s door citing a fire hazard, but she refused.

Police later used a bolt cutter to cut through her handcuffs, at Loomer’s request; she was not arrested for reasons unknown.

(Sources: Katherine Krueger/Twitter, NBC News)

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