Famous Evangelical Francis Chan Claims God is Using Coronavirus to ‘Prune’ the Church of People Who ‘Aren’t Bearing Fruit’

Evangelical pastor and writer Francis Chan told the Q 2020 Virtual Summit that God was using the deadly coronavirus pandemic to “prune” the church of branches (people) that “aren’t bearing fruit.”

Chan offered no Biblical evidence of the coronavirus being used in this manner by God, but rather added his opinion, notes the Christian Post:

Instead, Chan added his anti-science personal opinion to the Bible verse Matthew 16:18 where Jesus says: “I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it”:

And so we as believers are supposed to trust the words of Jesus and go, “The Church is going to be fine. If anything, this is the time where God is going to prune the Church and cut off branches that aren’t bearing fruit, but it’s only going to become more fruitful.”

(Source: The Christian Post, Photo Credit: Francis Chan)

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