Family’s House Burns Down On Christmas, Bible Survives, Daughter Calls It A ‘Blessing’

A family in Haughton, Louisiana, lost their home to a fire early on Christmas morning, but are glad that their Bible survived the blaze, which has been deemed a “blessing.”

Tineke Brewer told WVUE that her parents lost everything:

Money, insurance cards, life insurance cards, deeds to the house. They’ve been staying here for like 30 years and everything they own is gone, all their clothes everything.

Brewer’s 70-year-old mother was spending the night at a hospital with her 76-year-old husband who underwent brain surgery.

Brewer said the family believes the fire was God’s plan:

The Bible is the only thing, everything else is crisp and burnt, but the Holy Bible never burns up, it’s a blessing.

We all grew up here, my kids they grew up here this is just the family house you know Christmas time everybody comes around, Thanksgiving, holidays, birthdays and we’re trying to hold it together because I know God is good and we know that everybody is alive.

The family is apparently looking beyond the Bible and God’s blessing as Brewer set up a  Go Fund Me page for donations:

This has been a hard time for them and to get a call, saying their house is gone is horrific. No donation is to little, they need all the help they need because they did not have any insurance.

(Sources: WVUE, Go Fund Me)

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