Fake Starbucks Ad Tries To Deport Undocumented Immigrants

A fake Starbucks ad is offering 40 percent off any item on Aug. 11 for undocumented immigrants to celebrate “Dreamer Day.”

Starbucks senior vice president of global communications, John Kelly, told The Associated Press that the ad is “completely false. One hundred percent fake.”

ThinkProgress notes the ad was created by Internet trolls at the website 4chan, which often promotes the “alt-right” racist agenda.

Starbucks appears to have been targeted because of its progressive hiring, which includes thousands of refugees.

The creator of the ad noted on 4chan that the ad is supposed to show that undocumented immigrants supposedly ask for “free stuff” because they are supposedly freeloaders; a common stereotypes among anti-immigrant bigots.

4chan users are telling people to call the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to target Starbucks stores on Aug. 11 to get undocumented immigrants deported for showing up for their “free” items that do not exist.

(Sources: The Associated Press, ThinkProgress)

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