Facebook Asked Anti-Gay Activist Tony Perkins For Hate Speech Advice

Facebook turned to the Family Research Council and its president, Tony Perkins, for advice on hate speech, despite Perkins’ long history of anti-LGBT campaigns, notes the Wall Street Journal.

Perkins confirmed a conversation with Facebook on “Fox & Friends,” notes Media Matters:

Well, I said they do have a problem. There is a great concern among conservatives and we just saw the recent example of this a couple weeks ago during Christmas where my friend Franklin Graham had a 2-year-old post removed for a 24-hour period.

They said it was an accident. And one of the things I communicated was that, you know, these accidents appear more and more frequently. And so either they are failing to use the technology that they’re promoting or there is an intent here to squelch conservative ideas and the free flow of information.

The Heritage Foundation, a right wing climate denying group funded by oil companies, has also “forged a relationship with Facebook.” The Heritage Foundation also opposes health care for Americans.

Media Matters reports on some of Perkins’ bigotry:

Perkins has compared same-sex marriage to incest, blamed marriage equality and abortion for a destructive hurricane, and called pedophilia a “homosexual problem.” He is clearly not equipped to be an arbitrator on content that oppresses, harassed, and erases minorities.

Perkins, along with FRC, has actively opposedLGBTQ equality around the world, supporting a law in Uganda that could have punished “repeat offenders” of same-sex sexual activity with the death penalty, and collaborating with a hate group that worked to pass Russia’s “gay propaganda” law. Domestically, Perkins also called for the State Department to stop supporting LGBTQ rights after President Donald Trump was elected.

(Source: Wall Street Journal, Media Matters, Media Matters, Photo Credit: Fox News)

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