Ex-Marine Is Mauled By Ohio Police Dog Over Missing License Plate

A retired Marine, Ron Wagner II, refused to give his ID to police during a recent traffic stop in Canton, Ohio.

Wagner was stopped by police for failing to have a license plate to the front of his car.

As a form of protest, Wagner refused to provide his ID to police as Ohio law requires (below).

Instead, Wagner pleaded the Fifth Amendment. The police told Wagner that he did not have the right to plead the fifth and told him that he could be arrested.

Wagner insisted he was not driving a commercial vehicle, but rather traveling in a private vehicle. Wagner insisted that he was not required to carry identification for his private vehicle.

One of the officers admitted: “I don’t think you’ve committed any crime,” but the cops insisted on seeing Wagner’s identification.

One of the officers warned Wagner that he was going to turn loose a K9 on Wagner:

This is what’s gonna happen, I am going to break that window. At which time that window is broke, I’m gonna send this 100-pound Belgian Malinois in there and he’s gonna apprehend you….

At which time, I’m gonna drag him and you out on the ground. If you continue to resist, there will be pain compliance put upon you until you no longer resist.

The police eventually dragged Wagner from his car and turned loose a police dog that mauled him to the point of being severely injured and hospitalized.

Ohio law says citizens must have a front license plate:

(2) Whoever violates division (A) of this section by failing to display a license plate in plain view on the front of a motor vehicle as required under division (A) of this section while the motor vehicle is otherwise legally parked is guilty of a minor misdemeanor and may be fined not more than one hundred dollars.

(Source: Ron Wagner II via YouTube)

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