Ex-Lesbian Tells Gay People: ‘You’re Not Born With Right Affections’

Emily Thomes announced in 2016 that she was no longer gay and had become a Christian.

Writing for The Gospel Coalition, Thomes said that when she was gay she “wore boy clothes, and used men’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.”

At the time, the Friendly Atheist noted that Thomas was “confusing lesbian with transgender, and even then, transgender students would be using the bathroom that’s appropriate for them.”

On Dec. 27, 2017, the Christian organization Anchored North posted a video on Facebook page of Thomes giving her advice for gay people:

People say to me all the time, “I was born this way.” I say, “Okay, me too. You’re not born with right affections. That’s why Jesus had to come. You feeling a desire for sin just proves you need grace like me.”

It’s not gay to straight. It’s lost to saved. God calls us not to heterosexuality but holiness.

(Sources: Anchored North/Facebook, The Friendly Atheist, The Gospel Coalition)

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