Ex-Game Show Host Chuck Woolery’s Son is Infected with COVID-19 One Day After Woolery Said ‘Everyone is Lying’ About COVID-19

Former game show host Chuck Woolery announced on July 13 that his son tested positive for COVID-19. This was one day after Wooley claimed that “everyone is lying” about COVID-19 on July 12 (which was retweeted by President Donald Trump), reports Showbiz 411.

In August 2019, Woolery whined on Twitter that “racism has nothing to with race” and falsely claimed that disagreeing with the “ProgressiveLeft” will get one labeled a racist.

(Sources: Showbiz 411, Chuck Woolery/Twitter)

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  1. It’s just too bad HE didn’t get the virus rather than his son. I don’t wish his son any harm, he’s not the idiot.

  2. That is truly sad. However, some say that God is angry with us for being so thoughtless with each other and our responsibility to our planet….

  3. Sad for his son, who is merely another innocent bystander.

    This is more proof that God is angry with our thoughtless disregard for the health and well-being of our fellow humans as well as with our disrespect of the earth and our failure to provide the stewardship He gave us responsibility for.

  4. Chuck, you gave Trump the ammunition he needed and he used you to agree with Florida’s Governor, no masks needed. It is a hoax and getting better and now it is out of control. People like you give him the power to kill and that is what he is doing. Karma unfortunately for you came to your son. Now be a powerful spokesperson on just how wrong that thinking is!


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