Evansville, Indiana Cop Punches Handcuffed Man’s Genitals

A police officer was caught on a police body cam punching a handcuffed man in the genitals in Evansville, Indiana, in August.

On the video, Sgt. Rob Hahn is seen manhandling the suspect and throwing him on a bed in a motel room. Hahn then walks by the suspect and punches him in the testicles.

Hahn was suspended for five days for this cowardly assault, but was not charged with any crimes, notes the Courier & Press.

Police spokesman Sgt. Jason Cullum said that Hahn “did a couple of things that violated (the department’s) use-of-force policy.”

“At one point, (Hahn) pushed the individual’s head against the wall,” Cullum added. “Then he threw him down onto a bed, and as he walked by he punched the individual in the groin area.”

Hahn and three other officers were serving an out-of-county warrant on the suspect who did not open his motel room door.

The cops entered the motel room where they found the man in the bathroom on the phone. The man was quickly handcuffed, and not resisting arrest when Hahn shoved and hit him.

(Source: Courier & Press via USA TODAY)

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