Evangelist Franklin Graham Wrongly Believes Trump Travel Ban Applies To Bangladesh?

Evangelist Franklin Graham appears to be under the false impression that the U.S. Supreme Court “upheld” President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, which Graham apparently believes will protect the U.S. from “radical” Muslims hailing from Bangladesh.

The Supreme Court ruled on Dec. 4 that Trump’s travel ban against eight countries could go into affect while multiple lawsuits against the ban make their way through the courts, reported The Guardian.

The Supreme Court did not permanently uphold the travel ban against Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela, as Graham apparently believes.

Writing on Facebook, Graham mentioned a recent terrorist attack in New York City that was allegedly carried out by a Muslim woman from Bangladesh, and he seemed to think banning travel from the other countries would somehow offer protection, per God’s “voice”:

Once again our nation has been attacked by radical Islam. According to media reports, a Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh, inspired by ISIS, detonated a pipe bomb this morning in New York City.

As the Syrian and Iraqi governments celebrate what they call the “victory over ISIS,” the battle against radical Islam is far from over. I’m thankful that the Supreme Court agreed with and upheld President Trump’s travel ban which is so important for the security of our country.

A 29-year-old woman was on her way to work when she heard the explosion, saw the smoke, and ran. She said, “If I didn’t believe in God, I believe in God today.” Pray for those injured this morning. Let’s also pray for President Donald J. Trump and our leaders in Washington—both Democrat and Republican—that God would give them wisdom and they would listen to His voice.

(Sources: The Guardian, Franklin Graham/Facebook, Photo Credit: Matt A.J./Flickr)

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