Evangelist Franklin Graham Praises Trump’s Failed Leadership During Coronavirus Crisis

Evangelist Franklin Graham took to Facebook on March 20 to praise President Donald Trump’s failed leadership during the coronavirus crisis.

Trump has lied repeatedly about the deadly virus, raised false hope about an anti-malaria drug, attacked journalists, refused to send medical supplies to hospitals, blamed the media for his own failures to act and defended his childish Twitter attacks.

Speaking on Facebook, Graham ignored reality and created an alternate universe where Trump has taken charge:

CNN is now accusing President Trump of peddling false hope. The truth is, America does need hope now. The President has put our country on war-time footing.

He has cut through red tape. He has directed suppliers to produce the medical equipment and supplies we need. He has taken measures with travel and more to protect our citizens.

I thank God that we have a Commander in Chief who knows how to take charge and stand with hope in front of dark clouds of despair and hopelessness looming on the horizon. Thank you President Donald J. Trump!

(Sources: Franklin Graham/Facebook, CNN, CNN)

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