Evangelist Franklin Graham Praises Trump For Not Pushing Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting

Evangelist Franklin Graham praised President Donald Trump for talking about “scripture” instead of calling for gun control laws as former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did after the worst gun massacre in U.S. history.

Graham wrote on Facebook on Oct. 3:

What’s the difference between Hillary Clinton & Donald J. Trump as president? Well, there are many. But it is impossible not to notice the difference in response to the crisis of the Las Vegas shooting massacre yesterday. Hillary immediately—and ineffectively—tried to make it about gun control, her agenda. President Trump brought comfort from God’s Word and pointed America to the importance of prayer. I’m thankful millions noticed the difference.

On Oct. 4, Graham leveled some blame for the Las Vegas shooting at fictional Hollywood movies:

We see a rise in wickedness, not just in this country but around the world. And Hollywood filmmakers continue to promote evil, wickedness, violence as a form of entertainment.

Clinton tweeted on Oct. 2:

(Source: Franklin Graham/Facebook, Hillary Clinton/Twitter, Hillary Clinton/Twitter, Hillary Clinton/Twitter, Photo Credit: Matt Johnson/Flickr)

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