Evangelist Franklin Graham Outraged At NFL Players Protesting Police Brutality

Evangelist Franklin Graham issued his stern disapproval of NFL players who protested against police brutality during their preseason games on Aug. 10.

NPR notes: “Several NFL players knelt, raised fists or simply refused to take the field during the playing of the national anthem as a controversial protest against police brutality dragged into the 2018 preseason.”

Writing on Facebook, Graham expressed his intention to boycott the NFL and falsely claimed the players were “protesting the national anthem”:

I’m in Seattle, and several NFL players are in the news for protesting the national anthem by kneeling, raising their fists, or refusing to go on the field during it.

That’s disappointing; but if they want to disrespect our national anthem and our flag in this way, they have the freedom to do this. And I have the freedom to not watch their games and to not buy the products of their sponsors.

That’s America. This reminds me of how thankful I am for all of those who have served in our military and who are serving now to make the freedoms we enjoy possible.

(Sources: NPR, Franklin Graham/Facebook)

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