Evangelist Franklin Graham: ‘Get Over’ Russia’s Interference In U.S. Election

Evangelist Franklin Graham advised Americans to “get over” Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Using Facebook, Graham posted a story by the Chicago Tribune about Russian organizations trying to influence American voters with misleading pro-Trump ads on Facebook and Twitter. Graham compared the enemy nation to the U.S. media, President Barack Obama and Democratic National Committee:

Get over it—everybody tries to influence elections. Unions try. Hollywood tries. You know that the media tries any way they can (#fakenews). Even the U.S. government has tried to influence and interfere with elections in other countries. The hypocrisy of it all. If you remember, President Barack Obama unashamedly tried to interfere with Israel’s last election.

And Donna Brazile, former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, accused Hillary Clinton of hijacking the DNC and rigging it against Bernie Sanders. Everybody just needs to get over it. Hillary lost the election fair and square. We need to pray for our country, that we would move past this distraction and focus on solving our nation’s problems.

(Source: Franklin Graham/Facebook, Photo Credit: Matt Johnson/Flickr)

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