Evangelist Franklin Graham Compared Roy Moore To Joseph In Bible: Report

Stan Cooke, a spokesman for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, claimed on Nov. 14 that evangelist Franklin Graham called Moore and compared him to Joseph in the Bible.

Cooke recalled the incident on “Priority Talk Radio,” where he was asked by host Greg Davis if Moore had ever dated teen girls while in his 30s. Moore has been accused by nine women of sexual misconduct when the women were in their teens.

Cooke denied that Moore had dated teen girls, and quickly changed the topic to Graham’s phone call to Moore in which Graham compared the women to Potiphar’s wife who lied about Joseph, notes Right Wing Watch:

Right before the Sean Hannity interview, he had had a phone call from Franklin Graham, and [it was a] very encouraging phone call, Franklin Graham had called him to lift him up, encourage him. They talked about Joseph in the Old Testament, how he was accused by Potiphar’s wife, a story that’s familiar to all Christians. And so he was on cloud nine that Franklin Graham had called him.

For his part, Graham told The Charlotte Observer:

I don’t know. I don’t know these women. All I know is he’s been [in] public service all of these years – 40 years – and a month before the election these women [have come forward]. And I talked to Roy Moore, I asked him. He said “I don’t even know them.” So, I don’t know.

As a matter of record, Moore told Hannity that he knew two of his female accusers, but now denies knowing any of the nine women.

(Sources: Right Wing Watch, The Charlotte Observer, Photo Credit: Matt Johnson/Flickr)

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