Evangelist Blames Actresses For Being Sexually Harassed By Men

Online evangelist Joshua Feuerstein blamed Hollywood actresses for being sexually harassed because of the way they dressed for the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 6.

Feuerstein deliver his rant inside a car, and posted the video to his Facebook page on Jan. 8:

Hollywood, your hypocrisy is showing. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, last night at the Golden Globes, a bunch of actresses donned black and walked the red carpet in order to fight sexual harassment.

Now, normally, I’d be right there fighting alongside them because sexual harassment is bad. Here’s the only irony, is that they were — 70, 80 percent of ’em — dressed like hookers. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, their chest, their cleavage, all over the place. Their gowns were cut all the way down to their belly buttons, and here they are saying that they don’t want to be sexually objectified.

Then why do you dress sexually provocative?

I mean, think about it. You’re out here condemning the fruit when you’re the root. I mean, how many of you guys take your clothes off for money in movies? Think about it.

You get paid to take your clothes off and perform sex acts on other actors. That doesn’t make it art or entertainment. That makes you a porn star. An overpaid porn star. So while you guys sit up there on your righteous — self-righteous — high horses, the reality is, while you guys are condemning things like gun violence, you make billions off of gun violence in your movies, Hollywood.

Your hypocrisy is showing. Why, you say you don’t want to be sexually objectified? Your movies would make us think differently.

People say, “Josh,” I mean, “how is it that you can judge somebody based on the way that they’re dressed. I mean just because they’re dressed provocative — provocatively — doesn’t make them a slut.”

Well here’s the reality: If you’re going to walk around town in your McDonald’s uniform, don’t get mad when people assume you work at McDonald’s.

So, for the rest of us here in America, we hate sexual harassment, too. In fact we hate it more than you. I’ll tell you what else we hate, is you guys sexualizing our children, our society.

(Source: Joshua Feuerstein/Facebook)

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