Evangelical ‘Pro-Life’ Lawyer Mat Staver: COVID-19 Surge Is ‘Fake News,’ Refuse Vaccines

COVID-19 cases are setting new records this week, but Liberty Counsel lawyer Mat Staver is claiming the surge in cases is “fake news.”

Staver, who claims to be “pro-life,” went on a bizarre rant in a press release that was filled with conspiracy theories, notes Joe My God:

New reports are surfacing that prove the much-publicized “sharp rise” in COVID cases is just more fake news. For example, if a person tests positive after getting a nasal swab and a saliva sample, these tests are counted as two new cases, even though it is only one new case.

In order to keep control, they must scare you. And, they want you to be like sheep until they inject an untested vaccine into your veins. Enough! One state governor just imposed masks on the entire state. She said the people will have to wear masks until a vaccine is developed. You can see where all this is heading. Now is the time to push back!

Tell elected officials: ‘No Mandatory Vaccinations!’ We must confront such tyrannical, unconstitutional restrictions in the courts until renegade governors and other defiant officials abide by the rule of law.

Acquiescence in the face of tyranny is unacceptable! Please help us fight and win these battles with a generous gift today.

(Source: Joe My God)

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