Evangelical Leader Tony Perkins Slammed On TV For Being ‘Worshipper Of Donald Trump’

A C-SPAN caller slammed pro-Trump evangelical leader Tony Perkins for being a “worshipper of Donald Trump” on Oct. 16.

Perkins, who heads the anti-LGBT Family Research Council, sat stone-faced while being schooled by a North Carolina caller on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal”:

I was an evangelical Christian, but I gave that up. I went back to being a true Christian.

A true Christian follows the teachings of Jesus. Evangelicals have become paranoid, white Christians losing their country to minorities. They have only one goal and that is to keep America white and Christian.

And that’s exactly opposite of what Christianity is. Christianity is about love and helping others and taking care of others.

The paranoid white Christians have now become worshippers of Donald Trump. They follow all of these false prophets out there living in $16 million houses, flying around in $10 million jets. They need to wake up.

Jesus is love, not hate.

However, Perkins disagreed:

I know we want to describe Jesus as all love. He is love, but he’s truth. And we cannot sacrifice his truth because if we do that, we’ll never experience his love.

Perkins failed to mention his long history of false and bigoted statements, noted by Media Matters.

(Source: C-SPAN via YouTube, Media Matters)

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