Evangelical Christians In Alabama Defend Trump, Rewrite Bible To Include America, Slander Obama

Evangelical Christian voters in Luverne, Alabama, tried to defend President Donald Trump in light of  numerous reported scandals, from widespread lying, campaign collusion with Russia, alleged adultery with a porn star and a Playboy Playmate, to jailing immigrant children and toddlers.

Eighty-two-year-old Jewell Killough told The Washington Post that Trump was being used by God to save America:

Oh, I feel like the Lord heard our prayers and gave us a second chance before the end times. I think they are trying to frame him.

Killough’s  said”they” are liberals and others  trying to undermine Trump’s agenda and God’s agenda for America.

Lily Jones defended Trump by pointing to other adulterous presidents:

George Washington had a mistress. Thomas Jefferson did, too. Roosevelt had a mistress with him when he died. Eisenhower. Kennedy.

Terry Drew admitted that he and his wife have to rationalize to defend Trump:

My wife and I talk about it all the time. We rationalize the immoral things away. We don’t like it, but we look at the alternative, and think it could be worse than this.

Drew claimed Hilary Clinton, a churchgoing Methodist, is  “sinister” and “evil” and “of Satan”:

[Clinton] hates me. She has contempt for people like me, and Clay, and people who love God and believe in the Second Amendment. I think if she had her way it would be a dangerous country for the likes of me.

Sheila Butler added a doomsday prediction, and spread a long-debunked conspiracy theory about former President Obama:

We’re moving toward the annihilation of Christians… Obama was acting at the behest of the Islamic nation. He carried a Koran and it was not for literary purposes. If you look at it, the number of Christians is decreasing, the number of Muslims has grown. We allowed them to come in.

Butler also claimed, without proof, that “unpapered people” got seen in county emergency room before her.

Butler also rewrote the Bible for The Washington Post. She claimed that “love thy neighbor” actually meant “love thy American neighbor.”

Butler  claimed that “welcome the stranger” actually meant the “legal immigrant stranger”:

The Bible says, “If you do this to the least of these, you do it to me.” But the least of these are Americans, not the ones crossing the border.

(Source: The Washington Post, Photo Credit:  Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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