Evangelical Christians Cheer Convicted Criminal James O’Keefe At Values Voter Summit

The Family Research Council promoted convicted criminal James O’Keefe at its Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

O’Keefe — who was convicted in 2010 for entering a federal building under false pretenses — was cheered by the evangelical Christian crowd when he claimed he had an expose on CNN that he was going to release next week.

On Twitter, O’Keefe promoted the link exposecnn.com, which isn’t actually a website, but rather forwards to an email list at ConfirmSubscription.com.

Media Matters notes that O’Keefe has a long history of lying, often through heavily-edited sting videos, which he claims are journalism.

Business Insider reported that O’Keefe also has a history of failed sting operations.

(Sources: Family Research Council via Twitter, Business Insider, Media Matters, The Washington Post)

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