Evangelical Christian Leaders Want To Stop Mueller Probe Of Trump-Russia

Several evangelical Christian leaders are speaking out against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lawful probe of the Trump campaign and Russia, which has resulted in several criminal convictions and indictments.

The American Family Association’s Walker Wildmon falsely claimed that Mueller’s investigation is “a complete fishing expedition with the sole purpose of placing a cloud over Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Wildmon also falsely claimed that Mueller’s investigation was begun “by corrupt Obama officials” to “bring down the Trump presidency.”

In reality, the Mueller probe was launched by Trump appointee Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Wildmon also claimed that Rosenstein is “apparently unwilling to reel in a corrupt and biased investigation, the only option left is for President Trump to fire Robert Mueller via his executive authority.”

Pastor Robert Jeffress of The First Baptist Church in Dallas also ignored the many convictions and indictments by Mueller, and said in a July 17 press release that the lawful investigation should be ended:

The protracted Mueller investigation, far from providing answers or fostering national unity, has caused the controversy over the election to linger, the partisan vitriol to increase, and the fractures in our society to widen.

The only way to heal the unprecedented divisiveness and poisonous discourse in our country is to wrap up the Mueller investigation now.

Yes, the president or Congress will be criticized for ending the investigation, but like lancing a boil, short-term pain is necessary for long-term healing.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., who is the president of Liberty University, retweeted Trump’s recent rant about “the totally conflicted and discredited Mueller Witch Hunt.”

Falwell also launched his own conspiracy theory about FISA judges:

(Sources: American Family Association, Pastor Robert Jeffress via The Kairos Company, Jerry Falwell/Twitter)

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