Evangelical Author Renounces His ‘Purity’ Book, Readers Tell Him How It Ruined Their Lives

Joshua Harris, a prominent leader of the evangelical purity movement, has asked his publisher to stop printing his best selling 1997 purity book, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.”

Harris released a documentary in October where he talked to people whose sexuality, body image, and relationships were screwed up by his advice book, which he wrote when he was only 21 years old, notes The Insider.

Harris’ book told gullible evangelicals, especially teens, to stop dating and instead seek one partner for marriage. Harris also told people not to kiss until they got married.

Harris says now that he encouraged a movement that was damaging to people’s sexuality, body image, and their relationships:

In light of the flaws I now see in ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye,’ I think it’s best to discontinue its publication, as well other supplemental resources tied to it (this includes the two books I wrote after it whose content is similar). My publisher, whose encouragement in this process has been deeply meaningful to me, supports this decision and will not reprint the books after the current copies in their inventory are sold.

Harris shared similar thoughts with NPR:

You can have good intentions, and think you’re making good decisions, but the effect in people’s lives can be very different than you’d planned. And that’s the first time that I started thinking, “Maybe there are problems with my book.”

(Sources: NPR, The Insider, explorationfilms/YouTube)

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