Evangelical Author Ignores Stormy Daniels Scandal, Praises Trump For Tax Cuts

Evangelical author Stephen Strang explained evangelicals’ continued support for President Donald Trump despite Trump’s alleged adultery with porn star Stormy Daniels, alleged sexual assaults of 15 women and other scandals.

Strang, who publishes Charisma magazine, told CNN host Alisyn Camerota how Trump has supposedly changed:

I think he changed. I really do. And I talk about this in my book, “God and Donald Trump.”

I interviewed him in 2016 and expected the brash personality that you see in the media. I found him to be respectful, to actually be a little bit humble. I was amazed. And other people that deal with him say he is a changed man.

Strong then lectured on how Christians must have forgiveness and how God can change lives.

Camerota reminded Strong that Christian doctrine says confess and repent for your sins, and noted that Trump has publicly said he never asked for forgiveness.

Strang dodged the questioned, and claimed Trump had defended supposed “persecuted Christians”:

That’s between him and God. The issue for me and millions of evangelicals is his policies. He supports the kind of policies we think are important.

He has become a champion of religious rights of helping persecuted Christians. I could go down the line. And of course the neil Gorsuch appointment was huge.

After claiming God could change anyone and how no one is perfect, Strong attacked Hillary Clinton whom he called “one of the most corrupt people to run for president.”

Camerota asked Strang about the 15 women who have accused Trump of sexually harassing/assaulting them, and Strong insisted: “That’s between them and Donald Trump.”

Camerota asked Strang if he was intentionally overlooking Trump’s behavior, and Strong quickly changed the topic to the willful blindness of the media regarding  President John Kennedy’s affairs and President Bill Clinton’s affairs, which he called “much, much worse.”

Camerota called out Strang for emulating the media’s “willful blindness” and using the media as a “role model.”

Strong claimed that Trump “accepted Christ” and there’s no evidence that Trump has cheated in recent years.

Camerota asked Strong about the 15 women whom Trump allegedly assaulted, and Strong said he did not approve of Daniels’ lifestyle and profession.

Camerota asked Strong if he believed the 15 women, and he evaded:

I don’t know. I have not talked to have the 15 women. I only know what is in the media. I know that I’m Donald Trump’s friend as much as I can be. But even in my book, God and Donald Trump, I make it clear that he is not a perfect person.

Strang insisted that Trump is “making huge, huge changes, and I believe in a positive way… Everything from trade deficits to tax cuts. We can go on and on.”

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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