Eric Trump Lies About No Trump Business Ties To Saudi Arabia, Russia

President Donald Trump’s son Eric lied on “Fox & Friends” about the Trump family business – which he and his brother Donald Jr. run — having no ties to Russia or Saudi Arabia (more video below).

Four years ago, Eric bragged to a golf reporter about using Russian banks, noted Vanity Fair: “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

The president himself has bragged about his business ties with Saudi Arabia, notes CBS News (video below):

He has booked hotel rooms and meeting spaces to them, sold an entire floor in one of his buildings to them and, in desperate moments in his career, gotten a billionaire from the country to buy his yacht and New York’s Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park.

President Donald Trump’s ties to Saudi Arabia run long and deep, and he’s often boasted about his business ties with the kingdom.

“I love the Saudis,” Mr. Trump said when announcing his presidential run at Trump Tower in 2015. “Many are in this building.”

Despite this overwhelming evidence, Eric pretended there were no financial ties on “Fox and Friends,” notes Media Matters:

There’s zero investments in Russia, there’s zero investments in Saudi. We have absolutely nothing to do with those countries, and, by the way, my father’s been tougher on Russia than, probably, any human being in the world.

(Sources: Vanity Fair, CBS News, Fox News via Media Matters, MSNBC via YouTube)

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