‘ER’ Actress Vanessa Marquez Killed By Police During Welfare Check

Police shot and killed actress Vanessa Marquez in South Pasadena, California, on Aug. 30 during a welfare check of the 49-year-old star of the TV show “ER.”

Police claim the disabled actress pulled out a “BB-type” gun, and officers fired at her, notes the South Pasadenan.

Lt. Joe Mendoza, of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department homicide bureau, said that police were called by a landlord who reported that Marquez was in some kind of trouble:

At the time [of the shooting] there was an LA County mental health clinician here with the officers. They began to communicate with her, she became very uncooperative and during that contact she armed herself with a handgun, she pointed it at the officers and an officer-involved shooting occurred.

Mendoza claimed police recovered a BB-style gun that “resembled a semi-automatic handgun” and that Marquez “was undergoing some medical problems, some seizures, it appeared that the female was gravely disabled.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will be conducting  an investigation into the incident.

(Source: South Pasadenan, Photo Credit: IMDB)

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