EPA Head Scott Pruitt Scolds Scientists For Explaining Hurricanes

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt scolded scientists on CNN for talking about “the cause and effect of these storms,” in reference to Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

Pruitt, a longtime climate change denier, said that “to use time and effort to address it at this point is very, very insensitive to the people in Florida.”

Pruitt explained why people could not to help the victims and discuss the causes of hurricanes at the same time:

Here’s the issue. To have any kind of focus on the cause and effect of the storm; versus helping people, or actually facing the effect of the storm, is misplaced.

What we need to focus on is access to clean water, addressing these areas of superfund activities that may cause an attack on water, these issues of access to fuel.

…Those are things so important to citizens of Florida right now, and to discuss the cause and effect of these storms, there’s the… place (and time) to do that, it’s not now.

Pruitt’s denial of claim change is so extreme that Fox News Sunday anchor debunked Pruitt in April for claiming that CO2 is not “a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.”

“Mr. Pruitt, there are all kinds of studies that contradict you,” Wallace exclaimed.

(Source: CNN, Fox News via YouTube)

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