Entire Oklahoma Police Department Suspended After Raiding Innocent Family’s Home

The entire police department in Achille, Oklahoma was suspended after officers raided a home on March 4.

The police raided the home of Bryan Baker who claimed the cops were armed with AR-15s that were pointed at his child’s face, leaving her traumatized.

One officer told the non-resisting Baker: “Stop resisting…or I am gonna f*ck you up!”

An officer told Baker’s wife: “Put the baby down cuz you’re next.”

She was handcuffed, and her child was taken from her arms.

Michael Coble, who rents an apartment from Baker, police raided his home too and confiscated his legally owned gun.

Coble told KXII the police then tried to charge Baker with possession of this gun, despite finding it in Coble’s apartment:

So they came in there and got my weapon and tried charging my neighbor with it, which I think is cruel. If it wasn’t found in their house, they should have packed up and left.

Achille mayor David Northcutt told KXII why all four officers have been suspended and may be fired:

There were several issues which some felt arose in which the warrant was delivered, as well as other actions that occurred at the residence.

The officers will be interviewed and the body cam footage will be reviewed by the Town’s Board of Trustees, three of whom have had run-ins with the law.


(Sources: Bryan Baker/Facebook, KXII)

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