Enraged Trump Supporter Attacks Obama Mannequin

An enraged Trump supporter shattered a lingerie store window to attack a mannequin that resembled former President Barack Obama in New York City.

Video surveillance footage shows the man walked by the store, looked at the display, and then smashed the window with a cinder block, notes the New York Daily News.

He then pulled out the Obama mannequin and tossed it on the ground, but left a Trump mannequin.

Romantic Depot owner Glen Buzzeti said the man ranted at Obama for supposedly ruining the United States:

He said he hated Obama, and that the mannequin was looking at him bad. He said, “That doll was giving me bad looks. I’m tired of him. Obama brought the country down.” He said he walks by the store every day and sees Obama every day and it made him really angry.

(Sources: New York Daily News, WABC via YouTube)

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