Emails Show Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Wrath Toward Her Staff: Report

Eight former staffers of Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota have come forward to Buzzfeed News with stories of cruelty, rage and humiliation.

Buzzfeed News said its reporters viewed emails that appeared to back up the claims:

Klobuchar regularly berated employees, often in all capital letters, over minor mistakes, misunderstandings, and misplaced commas. Klobuchar, in the emails, which were mostly sent over the past few years, referred to her staff’s work as “the worst in … years,” and “the worst in my life.”

When staffers made mistakes, the emails show, she reamed them out — and sometimes, emails show, threatened to fire them — over threads that included many of their colleagues.

Sources told HuffPost that Klobuchar was so cruel to her staff that she was rebuked by then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in 2015.

A spokesman for Reid said Reid does not remember whether or not he had this discussion with Klobuchar.

In response, a campaign spokesperson defended Klobuchar told Buzzfeed News, but did not address the emails: “Senator Klobuchar loves her staff — they are the reason she has gotten to where she is today. She has many staff who have been with her for years — including her Chief of Staff and her State Director, who have worked for her for 5 and 7 years respectively, as well as her political advisor Justin Buoen, who has worked for her for 14 years — and many who have gone on to do amazing things, from working in the Obama Administration (over 20 of them) to running for office to even serving as the Agriculture Commissioner for Minnesota. She is proud of them and the work they have done for Minnesota.”

(Source: Buzzfeed News, HuffPost, Photo Credit: Fortune Live Media/Flickr)

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