Ellen Degeneres Accused Of Sexualizing Katy Perry’s Breasts

Comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres is being accused of sexualizing Katy Perry’s breasts in happy birthday tweet:

Mediaite.com notes there were critical tweets:

While some may see the validity in Rappaport’s outrage, others in the media and even some of his own supporters bucked back at his attempt to decry the sexism of Ellen’s tweet:

(Sources: Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter, Mediaite.com)

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  1. I agree with the guys comments. The joke was funny, it would still be funny if a guy made. When women dress provocatively they are wanting said areas to be noticed. When you open yourself up to the public like that you should expect public comments. Unless you are an a$$hole, which I doubt K. P. is. I doubt she is bothered by it at all. Just the feminist weirdos online. BTW regular awesome women far out weigh this type, we just aren’t that loud…and annoying.
    The joke was funny..Happy Birthday Katy 🙂


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