Election Hoax Of Democrats Burning Flags To Celebrate ‘Blue Wave’ Goes Viral

A right wing fake video of CNN anchor Don Lemon laughing as Democrats burn flags in a celebration of a “blue wave” midterm election victory has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter,

Twitter has since pulled the video, but the false footage remains on Facebook, notes The Daily Beast.

The fake CNN headline reads: “Dems celebrate ‘Blue Wave’ Burning Flags on Election Day.”

The video is actually old footage of Lemon edited next to old footage of protesters burning flags.

Another tip-off is that Lemon hosts “CNN Tonight,” not the CNN show “Reliable Sources.”

The Daily Beast notes that video appears to have been originally posted by Twitter user @RealDanJordan who wrote:

Do not give these people the satisfaction of a win on Tuesday. the tweet reads. Vote #Republican. Help @POTUS wipe the smile off the faces of these globalist elites.

Twitter user @RealDanJordan has tweeted a number of doctored/fake pictures as well.

(Sources: The Daily Beast, RealDanJordan/Twitter)

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