Elderly Woman Hit By Deputy’s Car Going 78 MPH, She Gets Ticketed

Joan Raye was ticketed for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle after being hit by a Franklin County Sheriff Deputy’s cruiser that was going 78 mph in Columbus, Ohio, on Sept. 26. 

The 78-year-old woman was turning left when the deputy was speeding down a residential street to answer a call about an officer down, notes WSYX/WTTE.

After colliding with Raye, the deputy’s cruiser crashed into a neighborhood home.

“It got clear. I could go. Then he hit me in the side,” Raye told the news station. “It’s a wonder I wasn’t killed.”

Raye claims the deputy created an unnecessary risk to the public by not slowing down at the intersection and driving too fast.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing the crash.

Raye is upset because her husband is in a nursing home, and she doesn’t have the $50,000 to repair the home that was hit.

(Source: WSYX/WTTE)

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