El Paso, Texas Nurse Describes ‘The Pit’ Where COVID-19 Patients Are Sent to Die in ‘Horrific’ Conditions

A traveling nurse, Lawanna Rivers, posted a video on Facebook on Nov. 7 in which she described the “horrific” conditions that the University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas.

Rivers said the hospital has room called “The Pit,” where the sickest COVID-positive patients are sent to die with minimal treatment and resuscitation (three rounds of CPR):

I saw a lot of people die that I felt like shouldn’t have died. Out of all the codes that we had there, there’s not a single patient that made it.

Rivers claimed that some doctors in the hospital were not treating COVID-19 aggressively enough and even avoided treating COVID-19-patients, except for a doctor’s wife, who was the only COVID-19 survivor:

The nurse that orientated me had one patient, she was called the “VIP” patient, she was a doctor’s wife. They pulled out all the stops for that woman — there was nothing that they didn’t do for that woman. And guess what? She was the one patient that made it out of that ICU alive.

The University Medical Center told KVIA it “cannot fully verify the events expressed” by Rivers: “This particular travel nurse was at UMC briefly to help El Paso confront the surge of COVID-19 patients.”

(Sources: Lawanna Rivers/Facebook, KVIA)

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