Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Demands Schools Reopen While COVID-19 Hits New Records: ‘Kids Have Got to Get Back to School’

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told CNN on June 12 that schools had to reopen despite warnings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that kids could catch and spread the deadly coronavirus (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Robert Redfield told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on June 9 that the CDC would not be revise its guidelines for reopening schools despite calls from President Donald Trump and the White House to do so, reported CNN.

Devos told “Fox News Sunday” on June 12 that “kids have got to get back to school” even though COVID-19 cases are setting new records in the U.S.:

Parents are expecting that this fall their kids are going to have a full-time experience with their learning, and we need to follow through on that promise, kids cannot afford to not continue learning.

DeVos failed to cite any evidence for her claim, and parroted President Donald Trump’s threat to defund schools that do not reopen during the deadly coronavirus pandemic:

American investment in education is a promise to students and their families. If schools aren’t going to reopen and not fulfill that promise, they shouldn’t get the funds. Then give it to the families to decide to go to a school that is going to meet that promise.

Fox News host Chris Wallace reminded DeVos that she and Trump could not cut funding for schools and that only Congress could do that.

(Sources: Fox News, CNBC, CNN, CNN Politics/Twitter, Fox News via YouTube)

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