Dunkin’ Donuts Store Owner Calls Police On Black Woman Over Wifi

A Dunkin’ Donuts store owner, Christina Cabra, called the police on a black woman, Tirza Wilbon White, in a dispute over wifi in Fairfax, Virginia on Nov. 7 (more video below).

Tirza Wilbon White posted a video of the police coming to the store and confronting her on Facebook.

The incident reportedly began when White set up her laptop to check some emails, as she has for the past two years at the store.

The Root notes Cabral told White she couldn’t use the wifi without buying something first. White, a policy scholar and frequent customer, asked if the wifi policy was posted somewhere.

Cabral reportedly identified herself as the owner, said she would put up some signs about the policy and told the 46-year-old White that fights had broken out:

They hang out here for eight hours and they get into fights. You can look it up; it was on Prince William County a year ago.

Cabral insisted that the purchase policy was about customer safety:

We’re just trying to make our customers feel safe.

White told Cabral that she felt discriminated against, and Cabral went off on a rant:

Oh, please. Don’t get into the racial profiling. It’s my family. I find that offensive.

Cabral threatened to call the police, and White responded:

Now you wanna call the police because you don’t like what I’m saying?

Cabral became incensed:

You’re offending me… You’re the one who brought up racial profiling… You can take your recording, and you can do what you want with it, because at the end of the day, you’re trying to blackmail me.

(Sources: The Root, Tirza Wilbon White/Facebook)

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