DUI Suspect Fails Cartwheel, Begs Cops To Take Him To Jail

Christopher Bidzinski tried and failed to do a cartwheel after he was reportedly found slumped over the wheel of his truck in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Cape Coral, Florida.

“Take me to jail. I beg of you. I deserve to go to jail,” Bidzinski begged the police, notes WBBH.

Police asked the 30-year-old to do a field sobriety test, and he said, “Can I eat more french fries?”

Bidzinski reportedly had to be taken home by police the night before. This night he allegedly told police that he had been drinking chardonnay.

Police said they found an unopened bottle of wine in Bidzinski’s truck and placed him under arrest for DUI.




(Sources: WBBH, Cape Coral Police)

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