Drink Is Thrown At Fox News’ Tomi Lahren At Minneapolis Restaurant

An unidentified woman recently threw a drink at Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren at a restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Lahren’s response in video below).

TMZ reports that Lahren “was grabbing brunch with her mother and some family this past weekend when, on the way out, an anonymous woman chucked a full glass of water at her. Sources close to Tomi say the hurling was completely unprovoked.”

Lahren tried to confront the woman who had support from a group of people who hurled insults at Lahren, who was called a “racist.”

Media Matters noted that Lahren has a long history of making inflammatory racist comments.

Lahren addressed the drink throwing incident on “Fox & Friends” on May 23.

(Sources: TMZMedia Matters, Fox News via YouTube)

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