Dr. Ronny Jackson Dodges Questions About Drinking On Job, Overprescribing Medications

President Donald Trump‘s doctor and nominee for Veteran’s Affairs secretary, Ronny Jackson, dodged questions from MSNBC’s Garret Haake about allegedly drinking on the job and overprescribing medications.

Jackson’s confirmation hearing was scheduled for April 25, but has been postponed.

Jackson told Haake:

I’ll just say that I was looking forward to the hearing tomorrow. Kind of disappointed that it’s been postponed, but I’m looking forward to getting it rescheduled and answering everybody’s questions.

Jackson was asked if he would deny the allegations, but Jackson just repeated himself:

I’m saying I’m looking forward to the hearing so we can sit down and I can explain everything to everyone and answer all the senator’s questions.

Jackson added there was no inspector general report on the allegations. 

(Source: MSNBC via Vimeo)

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