Dr. Ronny Jackson Claims Trump Is In ‘Excellent’ Health, Trump Has Evidence Of Heart Disease And Borderline Obesity

White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson announced during a press briefing that President Donald Trump’s health “is excellent” (video below).

CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupt asked Jackson:

To be clear though, he is taking a cholesterol lowering medication, he has evidence of heart disease and he is borderline obese. Can you characterize that as excellent health?

Jackson that the president is in good health: ““I would say the dose of his cholesterol medicine is very low… If we [change] the diet and exercise, I just don’t think that he has much room to do anything else.”

Jackson took the blame for an incident in December 2017 in which Trump slurred his words (video below):  “I had given the president some medication, specifically some sudafed over the days previous and dried up his secretions more than I intended to.”

(Source: CNN via YouTube, This Week‏/Twitter)

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