Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Trump Task Force’s COVID-19 Messages Contradict Reality on The Front Lines

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is part of President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 task force, told ABC News that the task force’s claims do not accurately show what is happening on the front lines of the coornavirus crisis (VIDEO BELOW).

Fauci said the U.S. does not test enough people and health care workers still do not have enough personal protective gear:

We keep hearing when we go to these task force meetings that these [issues] are being corrected. But yet when you go into the trenches, you still hear about that.

Fauci — who is often attacked by conservatives and Christians for initially saying Americans didn’t need to wear a mask – said such decisions were “based on the information at the moment”:

As a scientist, the thing you must always do is to be humble enough to know that when you get additional information, even information that might conflict what was felt earlier on, you then change your viewpoint and you change your recommendations based on the data. That’s what science is all about. Science is a learning process.

Fauci expressed concern over the “explosion” of cases in several southern states being fueled by “a surge of community spread”:

[It’s] a real serious problem. They need to be concerned because even though they themselves may not get any serious outcome, they are part of the propagation of the pandemic.

(Source: ABC News)

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