Donald Trump Jr’s Wife Hires Criminal Defense Lawyer For Divorce Case As Mueller Probe Heats Up On Trump Business

Vanessa Trump has reportedly hired criminal defense lawyer David Feureisen to represent her during divorce proceedings from Donald Trump Jr.

This bizarre turn has occurred as Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed documents from the Trump family business, notes Page Six.

Vanessa and Donald Jr. both said their split was not acrimonious.

Manhattan family law expert Bonnie Rabin gave her take to Page Six:

It’s a curious choice if it’s an amicable separation. If it’s an amicable situation you wouldn’t be highlighting the criminal aspect.

Feureisen has not commented.

Donald Jr. famously met with a Russian lawyer who was promising dirt on Hillary Clinton at Trump Tower in. 2016.

(Source: Page Six, Photo Credit: DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Commons Wikimedia)

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