Donald Trump Jr. Suddenly Goes Silent When Asked About Trump Tower Meeting With Russians

Donald Trump Jr. suddenly became silent when he was asked about his controversial Trump Tower meeting from June 2016 (more video below).

Trump Jr. was doing an interview on the pro-Trump Laura Ingraham radio show when the host stumped him:

You want any comments on that Donnie, because they’re hitting you on that for contradictions. I mean, they’re calling it worse than contradictions, obviously… Donnie, what is your reaction to all that… Hey Donnie, you there?

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing reported on the incident (video below):

Drama just minutes ago when Donald Trump Jr. was asked about the infamous Trump Tower meeting. When he — asked about it on the radio – the line went dead. And then blamed the press and the Democrats. And the story of what led to the meeting, the story keeps changing.

Let’s start with a double dose of Donald Trump. Just moments ago, Donald Trump, Jr. making first comments after his father appeared to put him in even more legal peril with a tweet on Sunday. This is what Donald Trump, Jr. said to conservative commentator Laura Ingraham on her radio show. 

(Source: Laura Ingraham Show via YouTube, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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