Donald Trump Jr. Falsely Claims Democrats Are ‘Heavily Aligned’ With Nazism

Donald Trump Jr. falsely claimed that Democrats are “heavily aligned” with the policies of the Nazi Party in the 1930s.

Trump made his false claim to the right wing One America News Network after watching a new film, “Death of a Nation,” produced by convicted felon (pardoned By President Donald Trump) Dinesh D’Souza:

I’ve been hearing the left talking about these things — fascism, Nazism on the right — and when you look at the actual history and how these things evolved, and you actually look at that platform versus the platform of the modern left, you say, “Wait a minute, those two are very heavily aligned.”

You see the Nazi platform from the early 1930s, and you look at it compared to the DNC platform of today, you’re saying, “Man, those things are awfully similar’ to a point where it’s actually scary.”

“Death of a Nation” was panned by The Hollywood Reporter:

For all of its incendiary arguments, Death of a Nation is ultimately tedious and repetitive. No one expects, of course, that D’Souza would make a thoughtful, balanced or historically accurate documentary. But is it unreasonable to hope that he make one that doesn’t bore the pants off us?

“Death of a Nation” rated a 0% based on movie critics, notes Rotten Tomatoes.

(Sources: One America News Network/YouTube, The Hollywood Reporter, Rotten Tomatoes)

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