Doctors Who Spread COVID-19 Misinformation Are Fox News’ Newest Stars

Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi have been condemned by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) for spreading misinformation about COVID-19, notes the Daily Beast:

These reckless and untested musings do not speak for medical societies and are inconsistent with current science and epidemiology regarding COVID-19.

As owners of local urgent care clinics, it appears these two individuals are releasing biased, non-peer reviewed data to advance their personal financial interests without regard for the public’s health. COVID-19 misinformation is widespread and dangerous.

The two doctors — who own the Accelerated Urgent Care clinic chain in Kern County, California — have become media stars on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show and on social media, thanks to their viral video press conference in which they claimed the coronavirus is similar to the seasonal flu, a claim that has been debunked.

The doctors also claimed that Kern County Health Department was in agreement with them about reopening businesses, but Kern County Health Department spokeswoman Michelle Corson said that was not true, noted KGET.

Corson cited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, and reminded the public that people can be sick with the coronavirus without symptoms (asymptomatic) and unknowingly spread the deadly virus.

Amazingly, the doctors said that people without COVID-19 symptoms should return to work immediately. They claimed that ICU units are empty, but the Los Angeles Times reported the opposite on March 20:

Intensive care beds at Los Angeles County’s emergency-room hospitals are already at or near capacity, even as those facilities have doubled the number available for COVID-19 patients in recent days…

The doctors dismissed Dr. Anthony Fauci, an immunologist who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, because he is not seeing patients, reports KERO.

The doctors also claimed that physicians they know are being pressured by unidentified people to add coronavirus to deaths that are not are not COVID-19 in order to drive up the death rate numbers for reasons unknown.

(Sources: The Daily Beast, KGET/YouTube, KERO/YouTube, Facebook, The Los Angeles Times)

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