Doctors & Bystander Save Boy Struck By Lightening, Boy & Mom Credit God

Josiah Wiedman, 13, was walking across a soccer field, with his friend Javier Tapia, when Josiah was struck by lightening in Phoenix on Aug. 8.

Josiah recalled the incident to KPHO:

It kinda started raining so I was going home and randomly, I felt like this burst of like heat and everything went dark. My leg hurt right here and it just felt like needles constantly being stabbed into me.

Josiah spent three days in a medically-induced coma at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital where doctors were able to save his life.

Dr. Craig Egan said that Josiah suffered a concussion:

It certainly didn’t cause any lasting damage to his muscles, to his heart and I think the most significant recovery right now is going to be from the concussion.

I can’t exactly explain why he doesn’t have any outside burns but it is fairly consistent with a lightning strike or any electrical injury to have some sort of electrical impact on the heart.

“Pretty surprised actually that he didn’t have more serious injuries to begin with. Fortunately, the amount of electricity passing through muscles and heart wasn’t enough to cause lasting damage. It was just a very relatively minor amount.

Egan also credited the bystander for saving Josiah’s life by performing CPR:

It was tremendous and that I think is the primary reason why he’s here with us today.

Josiah’s mom, Krista Wiedman, credited God with saving her son’s life:

I’m so thankful that God heard my prayer and my son is alive.

Josiah added:

Shout out to God because if it weren’t for Him, I’d be dead. It’s all a miracle.

However, God isn’t paying the medical bills. Josiah’s parents have had to start a GoFundMe account.

(Source: KPHO)

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