Doctor Says Trump’s Idea to Inject Disinfectant Into Lungs to Stop Coronavirus is ‘Crazy’

Dr. Hilary Jones slammed President Donald Trump’s idea of injecting disinfectant into the lungs to stop the coronavirus during an appearance on the UK television show “Good Morning Britain“:

I’ve heard some crazy things in my life, but this is probably one of the craziest. To inject a disinfectant into the human body is not only toxic and highly poisonous, but would do no good whatsoever.

It would cause inflammation of human tissues and not touch the virus… he’s completely and utterly crazy to suggest this.

Dr. Jones also mocked Trump’s proposal to treat COVID-19 patients using ultraviolet rays:

How could you get sunlight into the human body?

…This is really worrying, because in the states, they are heading for a catastrophe. We know that among the highest risks for COVID-19 are obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and their population is rife with those conditions.

(Source: ITV via Twitter)

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