Doctor Legally Denied Care For Newborn Baby Because Parents Are Lesbians

A doctor in Oak Park, Michigan, refused to treat a six-day-old baby because the infant’s parents are lesbians.

The incident happened in 2015, but Jami and Krista Contreras are now coming forward as part of a campaign called “Beyond I Do,” which raises awareness about states that legally allow this type of discrimination, notes WXYZ.

According to “Beyond I Do,” 31 states allow sexual orientation discrimination, which can include medical care, employment, housing and social services, or even eating at a restaurant.

Krista recalled the incident from three years ago to WXYZ:

Is our doctor coming in? She said no-I’m going to be your doctor, your doctor prayed on it and decided she won’t see you all today.

Jami recalled their shock when they discovered that medical discrimination in Michigan was legal:

We spoke to other people and they would say well they can’t do that… that’s not legal and we looked into it and it was legal.

Krista noted that their baby experienced discrimination:

It was horrifying and humiliating and we just kept thinking god she’s 6 days old and she’s already experiencing discrimination.

(Source: WXYZ)

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