Disney Cruise Line Guards Carry Assault Weapons, Escort Pregnant Woman & Family Out

Disney Cruise Line armed guards, carrying assault weapons, escorted a pregnant woman and her family off its premises as they waited for their luggage to be returned in Miami.

Disney staff would not allow Emily Jackson to board a Disney Magic cruise because she was 25 weeks pregnant as Disney draws the line at 24 weeks, notes WPLG.

While Jackson and her family waited for the return of their luggage, they filmed Disney employees laughing at them.

Jackson, who is from St. Louis, said her father became frustrated and raised his voice while waiting for their luggage; that’s when the armed guards arrived:

They had the guy with the gun following us. They had the K-9 unit. So we then had to take both babies outside, wait almost two hours for our luggage, outside in the heat, and both babies are red-faced.

Jackson told WPLG that a Miami-Dade police officer smirked and laughed at her family’s situation.

The Disney Cruse Line has offered to refund Jackson’s tickets, but not their other vacations costs.

(Sources: The Jackson Hive/YouTube, WPLG)

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